Ali Cats
A group of friends who had known each other for 20 years, but never before worked together...
David P. Crickmore - Guitar (L)
Dr David Roberts - Bass
Martin Holder - Guitar (R)
Ali Lee - vocals
... the tracks were all done as traditional single-takes, with the whole band in together. Overdubs were added to some - a lot to some, including 60-track backing vocal builds, whilst others have been left in their original state.
The tracks are all covers.

Ali Cats - Prochainement...
Say Goodbye - a simple treatment of the original
Only Love Can Break Your Heart - originally a waltz, done as a slow, four-on-the-floor dance track!
Love is Contagious - total rework - the only one featuring me on solo guitar
Many Rivers to Cross - no other way to do it. Stick to the original format. Special guest appearance by Alistair Agnew on Hammond.
Stuck in the Middle - close enough for jazz;-)
Burning Love - you'll hardly recognise it!
I Can't Make You Love Me - pure live take (although the BVs are overdubbed). Real piano, in the same room as everything else, hence the drums spilling badly into the piano mikes!
Ain't No Sunshine - my favourite groove, I think. We could never better the feel of this, even with the original sibilant guide vocal - so it stayed.
Pinball - you'll love this. Tears the original apart & puts it back together for the new millennium.
People Get Ready - pure live take, no overdubs. Can make you cry.
the Ali Cats are...
Graham Lee - drums, mixes & production
Michael Yates - Keyboards