Small-time, but serious, audio production company - that is, we mean it, rather than we never smile;-)

Rather than me waffle on about TetsujinMedia, why not just go see some of the things we've done - much more interesting...

Norton Disney - Listen to their new album, 'Less' - now available on the iTunes Music Store.
Indie-Pop, I guess, is the best description. Varied, always melodic, sometimes smooth, sometimes hard & in-yer-face.
Norton Disney will never disappoint

[link broken - until my ISP get it fixed, try this instead...Norton Disney ]

Mitzy B - Dance, trance. Hypnotic rhythms with depth & soul.

Ali Cats - Friends for years, never worked together before. This is the result of the sessions they recorded together.

The Durbervilles - new album 'Alternative Route' coming soon, mixed & mastered by TetsujinMedia.
Modern country/folk - but maybe not quite what you expect.

We do Mixing, Mastering, Audio restoration (including 'Tape Baking') & transfer to CD...
for info contact
graham [at] tetsujinmedia [dot] com (tweaked to make it harder for spammers, but you get the idea - it's still clickable anyway)

The logo is a picture of the original 60s japanese cartoon, Tetsujin Niju-hachigo,
'Iron Man #28', after whom the company is named.

had to lose the old hit-counter with the re-design - shame.
Let's see how we do with this new one...

Welcome to TetsujinMedia